Windows Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers


Hyper-V Cores HDD RAM Bandwidth Max IP's Price More Info Order now
VPS XS 2 25 GB 1 GB 5 TB 1 29,00 € Read more
VPS S 3 50 GB 2 GB 5 TB 1 49,00 € Read more
VPS M 4 75 GB 3 GB 5 TB 1 59,00 € Read more
VPS L 5 100 GB 4 GB 10 TB 1 69,00 € Read more
VPS XL 6 125 GB 6 GB 10 TB 1 79,00 € Read more


Why should I choose one of these Virtual Private Servers?

Our powerful VPS's on RAID 10 disc systems are much more powerful then the normal VPS's offered out there on the web, and even more so then the average dedicated server. Only the best hardware and the most reliable data centers are good enough for us. The VPS's are fully managed for your convenience. We offer these servers with pride because we know what a web site owner needs when he demands no downtime and fast response from both server and support!

What is Hyper-V?

Our Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Private Servers are native hypervisors. This means they can create virtual machines on x86-64 systems running Windows. This allows you to have full root access and use the Virtual Private Server just like a dedicated server. You can use Windows on your Virtual Private Server just like at home. The performance and easy of usage appeals to beginners as well as professionals. Our Widows Hyper-V VPS's are ideal for running trading terminals or other Windows dependent programs.


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